Yoga for Losing Weight

Yoga For Losing Weight, With Yoga Burn For Women


  • Do you find that you’re constantly starting, and then quitting workout routines?
  • Do you have the best intentions when you start a new workout program.
  • Do you tell yourself, this one will be THE one! I’ll stick with it this time!

Then, after just a few weeks, all those good intentions of losing weight melt away, leaving you with nothing but excuses.

  •  I’m so busy – I can’t possibly make time for driving to the gym.
  • I can’t see any progress – I’ve been at it for weeks!
  • This program just does not work for me.
  • Or even, this is just not interesting me – I’ve lost my motivation!

If you’ve ever told yourself excuses like that, you know that regular workout programs don’t always work.

  • Maybe you have memberships to multiple gyms and fitness studios, but you never use them.
  • You still want to lose weight, but you’re discouraged at the thought that the perfect workout program just doesn’t exist.
  • Once again, you begin to think, maybe, I’m just never going to lose those extra pounds.

Do Not Give Up!

The perfect fitness program to help you burn fat is here! Lose weight and transform your body with yoga

Yes we did say YOGA! Yoga is perfectly suited to the female body, and, more importantly, the female mind.

It can be fun, intense, motivating, and help you lose weight and stay in shape.


Do you know why most women quit their workout programs without seeing any fat loss?


A lot of women lose their motivation to continue their workout programs right around the 3rd week of the first month because they find no change in their body and get bored!

Finding a fitness program that actually works for you, and gives you the motivation stick with it seems like an impossible task, right?

Would you be interested in a fitness program that actually helps you lose weight AND stay motivated?

Introducing. . .Yoga Burn for Women!

This amazing new workout program is revolutionising the women’s fitness world!

And, you can do it at home, in private, yet still be part of a group.

This 12-week yoga plan is created to target problem areas for women to help YOU be stronger, fitter, and happier!

Yoga for losing weight

Finally! A fitness program that’s perfect for YOU.

    yoga for weight loss

Zoe Bray-Cotton, an internationally-certified yoga instructor and female body transformation specialist, has designed Yoga Burn – exclusively for women.

Yoga Burn for Women is a unique yoga at home workout plan that offers simple and powerful yoga exercises for beginners as well as those who are more experienced, all packed into one yoga DVD set!

The goal of this yoga program is to help you burn excess fat – and keep it off!

Yoga for losing weight

Yoga may not be known for its weight loss results. . .
. . .but with our amazing yoga exercises, you’ll get to the weight you want in 12 short weeks!

  • Yoga Burn is Yoga Program that is adaptive and progressive in nature, allowing you to work out wherever you want, whenever you want and start at whatever intensity level is comfortable for you!
  • Yoga Burn is based on the concept of dynamic sequencing – a progressive yoga sequence that’s customised for losing weight and keeping it off!

It involves holding the right postures for the right amount of time then building a sequence of basic yoga poses on the previous ones.

Yoga Burn For Women

It adapts and challenges your body, making for quicker, better weight loss results.

This 3-month yoga fitness program is divided into three unique phases which are:–

  • Foundational Flow

This builds a solid foundation to help your body warm up for the more difficult yoga poses.

  • Transitionary Flow

This includes restorative yoga posture sequences, that strengthen your upper body, lower body, and your core.

  • Mastery Flow

This is the most important part of the sequence, which targets different parts of body and helps you achieve your body transformation to a happier, fitter you!

And there are BONUSES to help you stick to your FITNESS GOALS!

When you receive your Yoga Burn, you’re not just getting a boring fitness DVD or yoga classes, but an entire support community and other benefits!

Yoga DVD

Included with your purchase. . .

  • The main Yoga Burn video set with clear instructions and thorough guidance every step of the way.
  • A Fantastic BONUS showing you how hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, and vinyasa yoga exercises improve your flexibility and fitness, as well as help your weight loss.
  • EXCLUSIVE membership to the fitness community of Yoga Burn users who are on the same journey as you. 

Be the best version of yourself – with Yoga Burn for Women

This at-home yoga fitness program is customised for women, it is super adaptable to your body, and brings you a supportive community of women to cheer you on.

Yoga Burn isn’t just another “quick-fix program.” After a couple weeks, you’ll notice small changes, and within 60 days, everyone will see how great you look!

Yoga program for weight loss

So what are you waiting for?

For a limited time, Yoga Burn for Women can be yours for less than half the cost of the average monthly gym membership!

Hurry! This unbelievable offer won’t last long!


Unlock a fitter, sexier YOU with Yoga Burn for Women!



And yes it is Risk Free, if you really want to return Yoga Burn any time within 60 days, you’ll receive a full refund – no questions asked!




Fitness needs 100% commitment to achieve results.


using yoga weight loss secrets.