best yoga exercises for weight loss

Do you know where to find the best yoga exercises for weight loss?

Yoga Burn for Women is an incredible yoga workout designed exclusively for women.

Conceptualised by Zoe Bray-Cotton.       best yoga exercises for weight loss 1

An internationally accredited yoga instructor and female body transformation specialist, Zoe’s Yoga Burn for Women is a set of yoga videos with a workout program tailored specifically for women to use the best yoga exercises for weight loss.

Novice or Expert at Yoga

Whether you are a novice or an expert, this amazing fat burning yoga program available on DVD teaches yoga for beginners as well as those at an advanced yoga stage.

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You have the freedom to start at a level that is comfortable for you, then move on to more advanced levels as your weight reduces and your confidence increases.

Supplying one of the best yoga videos available for download if you prefer, Yoga Burn is helping thousands of women across the globe to become stronger, fitter and sexier.

Some of the best yoga exercises for weight loss within this program are from the traditional forms of yoga which provide you with that extra challenge to push yourself.

Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga, one of the traditional forms included is also one of the universally loved forms of yoga and is explored and covered in detail in the Bonus Yoga Burn DVD that comes with the main set.

So Hatha Yoga is about blending dynamic postures (represented by the Sun) with meditative yoga (represented by the Moon) to help the body get the best out of the many benefits of yoga.

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This particular form of yoga focuses on attaining the balance in energy flow within the body.

To achieve good health, it is essential for the energy flow to be balanced.

Too little energy in body can lead to a dull mind, and a heavy and inert physical body.

Excess energy leads to an angry and irritable mind along with a restless body.

Therefore, a balance in energy flow is necessary for a happy lifestyle. And that is what Hatha Yoga aims to achieve.

Using Hatha Yoga to Help Reduce Your Stress

Stress is a big contributor to weight gain. When you are stressed, it means Cortisol- the stress hormone – is being released into your body in large volumes.

This in turn leads to fat deposit in your problem areas such as the belly, hips and arms.

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You can learn to control your stress levels and cortisol levels with Hatha yoga.

A peaceful, relaxed mind, with a lighter, fitter body releases less cortisol. This gives you control over the fat in your body, keeping the weight gain off.

Doing Hatha Yoga also helps you with diet control.

The balance in energy flow revitalises your metabolism, which in turn makes you burn more calories when you workout.

This form of yoga comes with time gap conditions, i.e. you have a time gap between your meals and your workout.

Not only will this regulate your meal time, but will help you control your cravings.

Yoga Burn For Women

Yoga Burn for Women not only covers Hatha Yoga, but also selects the most effective postures to be a part of the Dynamic Sequence.

This sequence builds to become an adaptive and progressive yoga programme which targets those fat-related problem areas for women.

The 12 week programme is effective and fun. The ever-changing yoga postures keep your mind and body guessing,

and more importantly keeps the fat burning hormones surging.

There are many more treasures and benefits for you when you become a part of the Yoga Burn community.

Find out how Yoga Burn For Women uses Hatha Yoga

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